Road Rallies are fun events.  Some are set up to test driving skills while others are designed to challenge your skills at observation. As Rallyemasters, we will design interesting routes through both scenic and twisty-road areas of Northeast Ohio.  You and your navigator will be given a set of directions and a series of questions, the answers to be found along your route.  A fun gathering completes the event as you await the results with your fellow rallyers. Another type of Rallye is the TSD (Time/Speed/Distance).  This type of Rallye has a predetermined time for completion that is accomplished by varying your speed over the rallye course.  There are no questions to answer.

Tours are scheduled throughout the year and can include Garage tours or drives ending at wineries.  Some tours are simply wonderful drives on great roads.  Check the calendar for upcoming events!

Questions may be directed to

Eric Hansen 440.554.7275